What is Prapanjam?

Prapanjam is a rural enterprise that taps into the rich creative talent
and ingenuity of rural women to make eco-friendly handicraft products. Prapanjam is a sanskrit reference to our earth and symbolizes the great potential, adaptability and sustaining strength of womankind.

Who founded Prapanjam?

Thiru Kumaran Muthiah, an engineer graduated from MIT, Chennai(2005).
His social concern and entrepreneural spirit led him to dream,
plan and enter into the venture with support and involvement
from Mr. Guna and Mrs.Roja.

Who are we?

Prapanjam employs 400+ local rural women
in and around of T.Kallupatti. It produces a wide range of products
for export across the world. Mostly we produce products
derived from plants that will not harm the environment.

Why should you support?

Villages are the backbone of our nations and by supporting them, we can help provide them better education and quality of living. By supporting Prapanjam, you join us in striving to realize this cause and help create sustainable villages


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